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Fleshlight Wash 100ml

Fleshlight Wash 100ml
Fleshlight Wash 100ml
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Fleshlight Wash cleanser for toys is a necessity for any Fleshlight owner. This cleanser in a 100 ml spray uses the powerful antibacterial ingredient Triclosan, that cleans and purifies the surface on which it is applied and fights bacteria and keeps your Fleshlight clean and hygienic. Fleshlight Wash is recommended for cleaning all Fleshlight products and other sex toys. It will not irritate your skin, it's not greasy and doesn't contain alcohol. It's safe to use with latex, silicone and Superskin by Fleshlight. In order to obtain the best results, wash your Fleshlight sleeve with warm water on the inside and outside after every use. Afterwards spray a generous amount of Fleshlight Wash cleanser on the inside and outside of your sleeve and let it dry in a well ventilated place.

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Liquid Volume100mls

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